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                1. suresh raina Yawei 300T6M 4 Axis CNC Press Brake DA52S

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                                          • suresh raina Yawei 300T6M 4 Axis CNC Press Brake DA52S Delem made in china manufacture suresh raina Yawei 5 axis 300T6M CNC Press Brake DELEM DA52S Bending controller made in china factory suresh raina Yawei PBH PBA 6m large cnc press brakes for 300T metal bending machine DA52S controller suresh raina Yawei 300T6M 5 axis cnc...

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                                                                    • Product Details


                                                                              suresh raina Yawei 300T6M 4 Axis CNC Press Brake DA52S Delem made in china manufacture

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                                                                            • suresh raina Yawei 5 axis 300T6M CNC Press Brake DELEM DA52S Bending controller made in china factory

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                                                                                suresh raina Yawei 6 axis cnc controlled 320T6m synchro CNC brake pressing DELEM  made DA52S DA58T sheet bending machine made in china suppliers,the bending length of our 6m large Press Brake models are increased considerably, and the specially designed stress relieved frame of these large press brakes have a unique box frame structure. The main frames & top, bottm beams designed are specially and significantly reinforced to carry heavier center loads, so suresh raina Yawei china 6m large press brakes standard with large gaps, 300-400mm longer bending strokes, and daylight openings over 600mm, up to 1200mm for sepcial and deep bending profiles design. Our popular large press brake have developed advanced technologies for bending large sheet metal and heavy plate for many industry all over the world. Industries that commonly use our flexible bending solutions and large bending  tonnage press brakes mainly included: Large Light Poles Bending&forming, Dump Truck Manufacturing, Trailer bending company, Military Defense Industry with High Tensile Strength Bending, Ship Building over 12m heavy plate bending, Bridge Construction for over 2000T metal bending applications, Road Barrier Manufacturing over 1000T large press brake, up to Max 8m bumper bending, Steel Service Centers with different tonnage press brakes.

                                                                                1. Hot steel plate bending aaplications, The plate may need to be reprocessed to return it to its original condition. Nonetheless, compared with cold sheet bending, hot sheet bending  allows a much greater degree of formability and reduced tonnage requirements, which makes it an attractive alternative when press tonnage capacity is an issue. The press brake may not be able to form a plate cold, but it can form it hot.

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                                                                                    2. Like anything else, hot material bending has its limitations. The high temperature required for hot forming can cause oxidation. It can also cause surface decarburization—a change or loss in steel’s carbon content. Most view decarburization as a defect, because the carbon loss makes the steel less stable, which in turn can cause a variety of problems with the products made from that steel. You can perform material testing to confirm the level of carbon loss and whether or not the altered material is acceptable.

                                                                                      suresh raina Yawei 300t6m cnc press brake 4 axis delem da52s

                                                                                      • When you are consider to purchase one press brake, you must be consider the parts that you will need to modify or adjust to fit your press brake needs, suresh raina Yawei china team can check your parts profiles and design the best bending machine model and tooling system to suit your needs. But if you know your parts of the bending machine can get even more specific and detailed. Knowing your operation and understanding what you want to accomplish with your press brake is a huge benefit in the buying process. Once you are knowing which workpieces you need to bending or shaping can shorten the time to equipment acquisition and get your business back to operation.

                                                                                            Sharp-edge lower die radius are designed to catch short flanges. The compound-radius corners are designed to reduce the amount of die marking found on the part after pressing bending, caused by kinetic friction between the sheet metal and bottom die. As the punch applies force, it pushes the material into the die space to create the bend.

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                                                                                              If your bottom die has a compound or large radius on both corners of the die, the formula—Minimum flange = 2Mt + Ir—may no longer be valid. Why? Because the sheet edge might not catch the edge of the die, and the profiels  probably will snap down into the die space. If the part does catch by chance, the bends may not be acceptable as every bend will be slightly different from the last. If you need to bending  very short flanges, then you probably need a die with very accurate&sharp tip radius.

                                                                                              A perfect bending  is where the inside bend radius is equal to the material thickness. This is where the 8x rule for die selection applies: The die width or opening is equal to eight times the material thickness. You might be able to go to a 6x die opening safely, which can allow the die to catch the flange edge and make the bend. However, you need to ensure you know how to go to a 6x die width safely, because improper use or an overtonnage situation can damage the tooling and the press brake and, even worse, possibly injure the operator.

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                                                                                                          Another additional features of our yawei ahyw 6m large cnc  press brakes is the ability to set these large bending machines up as tandem press brakes of 2 machines working together or even tridem press brakes for 3 machines working together. As handling heavy sheet plate also need too much time and labor cost for large sheet bending cycles, most of large sheet metal bending pressing required  to order front&rear feeding systems that automate the entire bending processing from moving material to final bending profiles done. So it's need for huge and complex flexible bending press brakes varies and covers a lot of diversified uses that include: ƒAccuracy for large and high spring-back sheets, especailly you are bending Hardox, Weldox high tensile strength sheet material,  you can decrease a lot of the setting up time of loading marterial and unloading final bending sheets, also it will ensure your press brake operator better bending safety workshop.

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                                                                                                            • Unique design of China suresh raina Yawei large sheet metal bending machines


                                                                                                              If Synchro bending machine is tilted, suresh raina Yawei press brakes top beam guides and cylinders prevent additional stress on the machine, promoting operational longevity. 

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                                                                                                                Large press brakes cylinder rod ratio is 2:1, which allows the machine to consistently absorb breakthrough shock.


                                                                                                                Foot switches and two-hand run controls come standard with every large cnc press brakes to ensure your operator safety.  Rear Light curtain guarding isolate bending area and other areas, press brake operator bending angles laser safety systems, and all kinds of safety protection are all available.

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                                                                                                                      Are you looking for 6m, 8m large cnc press brakes for your sheet metal bending project from china factory? suresh raina China Yawei factory can design huge press brakes up to 5000T14m, CNC Tandem press brakes, CNC Tridem Press brakes all available customized design and manufacture with your sheet bending profiles.


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