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                              22bet betting,top 10 raiders in pro kabaddi,real indian teen,SUS 304 Stainless Sheet Metal Bending&Forming Machines

                              Mar 03, 2022

                                1. Stainless Sheet Metal Bending&Forming Machines Made in China suresh raina Yawei factory

                                    Stainless steel has a wide range of uses and is a common material in our life, such as anti-theft windows, waiting booths, shelves and so on. Due to the high yield point, high hardness and significant cold work hardening effect of stainless steel, there are some obvious characteristics when bending stainless steel plate.

                                    1. When you are bending stainless sheet profiles, you must be know the stainless factors, then start bending stainless:

                                          SUS 304 stainless steel has a high yield point and high tensile strength, the cold work hardening effect is obvious. The characteristics of 304 stainless steel plate bending process are that the thermal conductivity is worse than ordinary low carbon steel, and its elongation is low, resulting in the required deformation force of the plate.

                                            • Compared with mild steel sheet , the springback tendency of stainless steel sheet is stronger than that of carbon steel, and its elongation is also lower than that of carbon steel, so the bending angle R of stainless steel workpiece is higher than that of carbon steel when bending. Otherwise, cracks may occur when bending.

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                                                      Compared with carbon steel, the springback tendency of stainless steel sheet is stronger than that of carbon steel, and its elongation is also lower than that of carbon steel, so the bending angle R of stainless steel workpiece is higher than that of carbon steel when bending.

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                                                        Compared with carbon steel, stainless steel sheet has a strong springback tendency when bending, and its elongation is also lower than that of carbon steel, so the bending angle R of stainless steel workpiece is higher than that of carbon steel during bending.

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                                                                            • Otherwise, cracks may occur.


                                                                                Otherwise, there will be the possibility of cracks.


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                                                                                            1. SUS 304 stainless steel has high hardness and significant cold work hardening effect, press brake tooling material must be  with heat treatment hardness above 60HRC should be selected when selecting press bending tools. Its surface roughness is an order of magnitude higher than that of carbon steel press bending tools.

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                                                                                              1. According to the above characteristics, generally speaking, under the unit size, the thicker of stainless steel plate, the greater the bending force required, and when increase bending sheet plate thickness, the margin of bending force should be stronger when selecting bending equipment. When bending higher tensile strength sheet  plate, the lower the elongation. Also required higher bending force and smaller bending angles.

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                                                                                                    According to the actual bending operation, the unfolding size of one bending workpiece is the addition of right angle edges minus two  times of plate thicknesses, which can fully meet the requirements of design accuracy. According to experience, the formula to calculate the unfolding amount can simplify the calculation process and greatly improve the production efficiency. The greater the yield strength of the material is, the stronger the elastic recovery is. In order to obtain the 90 degree angle of the bending part, the smaller the angle of the pressing knife needs to be designed. Compared with carbon steel, the bending angle of 304 stainless steel plate with the same plate thickness is large, which requires great attention. It will generate bending cracks, which will affect the workpiece strength of stainless steel materials.

                                                                                                      When bending, you need to confirm the tool ing and groove used in bending according to the size and material thickness on the drawing. Avoiding the deformation caused by the collision between the product and tools, you need to choose the correct top punch and lower dies(Sometiems bending one sheet profiles, maybe you need different top punch and bottom dies), bottom dies must be determined by the sheet thickness of profiels, Then you must be determine the sequence of bending, different sheet bending profiels has different bending sequence, must most of profiles bending is first inside and then outside, first small and then large, first special and then ordinary. For the workpiece with edge to be crushed, firstly bend the workpiece to 30 ° - 40 °, and then press the workpiece with flattening press brake tooling system.

                                                                                                            Any dobuts for stainless sheet bending applications, email AHWY Yawei china factory for further information and solutions.


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