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                Apr 24, 2022

                Bending Tools is very important for CNC press brakes,The quality of CNC Press brake tooling system will directly affect the bending profiles product quality, output, production cost, the cycle of new product production and old product renewal, the speed of enterprise product structure adjustment and market competitiveness. Therefore, the economic situation puts forward  higher requirements for the quality of tooling of CNC Press brakes.

                  forming tools

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                  • When using CNC Press brake for bending sheet metal profiles, CNC Bending controller can complete the automatic programming process, so that the accuracy can be ensured when processing materials and avoid errors during bending cycle. Compared with traditional bending machine, CNC Press brake can avoid waste parts in full production procedure, which can save investment and increase bending productivity.

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                      In addition, when using CNC Press brakwe tools,  the bending program can be completed without complex operating procedures. Bender operator do not need long time for study or calculate bending steps, CNC controller can calculate full bending steps and make the bending simulation automatically, even for junior press brake operators, they do not need long time training course.

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                      Now the CNC Press brake tooling system is not easy to fail in the working process, the operation state of the equipment is stable and reliable, and many advanced manufacturing technologies are also selected, so the use of CNC press brakes are more reliable and durable.

                        • 30 degree acute press brake top punch can bending any angle over 30 degree with air bending setting in CNC Press brakes, CNC press brake controller can calculate bending depth and bending pressure for getting correct bending angle profiles, that's say you do not need 90 degree bending tools for 90 degree parts, 120 degree bending parts not necessary requiring 120 degree dies, so it's universal and Multi bending functions for CNC press brake tools.

                              1. Special forming press brake tools are not common required for many metal bending workshop, Radius bending tools are highly rerquired when fabricators is bending high tensile strength sheet, like Hardox 450 SSAB material.

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                                      1. CNC Press brake tooling special design forming punch and dies

                                              1. How To Calculate Sheet Metal Bending Angle?

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                                                          When the sheet metal bending angle is 135 degrees, the bending factor can be reduced by 0.5 times the material thickness. For example, if the material is 1mm carbon plate, the bending angle is 135 degrees, and the bending dimensions are 100 and 50 respectively, the calculation expansion method is: 100 + 50-0.5 = 149.5mm. Other sheet metal thickness can also be calculated by this method. Only applicable to 135 degrees, other bending angles are not available.

                                                              The unfolding size is calculated according to the central layer, and the unfolding length is related to the R angle of the upper punch of the flanging. Check the actual part size after the flanging, and it is regular. Then modify the unfolding and blanking size, and then unfold according to this experience The neutral layer is accurate, but the groove width of or mold is different in different methods, and R is different. The neutral layer cannot be calculated. Generally, it is that different plate thicknesses are tested and folded in the same groove width, and the same plate thickness and groove width are tested and folded again, so as to obtain the same empirical data, but there are often differences in different batches of materials.

                                                                      The points on both sides of the lower die plus the plate thickness and the knife down to the dead point. The angle formed by these three points plus the rebound angle is the bending angle, and the rebound angle of stainless steel is about 5 degrees.

                                                                        suresh raina Yawei 100T4M CNC Press brakes DA53T 4 axis China Manufactures

                                                                          Used in 90 sheet metal bending, one right angle bend minus 1.7 times the material thickness. For example, if the material is 1mm mild steel, the bending angle is 90 degrees, and the bending dimensions are 100 and 50 respectively, the calculation expansion method is: 100 + 50-1.7 = 148.3mm. The calculation is the expansion length. This 1.7 is said to be 1.6 or 1.65 times. Yes, it can be slightly adjusted. Because the bending dies used by each sheet metal factory are not exactly the same, there are slight errors, so they can be used without adjustment, and they can also be adjusted slightly if they have high requirements.

                                                                            There is also a special angle bending in CNC Press brake bending applications, that's Hemming tools, also known as flattening tools, which can be calculated by a simple method. The bending factor is equal to 0.4 times the sheet metal thickness. For example, if the material is 1mm mild steel, the bending is Hemming bending,  and the bending dimensions are 100 and 10 respectively, the calculation and expansion method is: 100 + 10-0.4 = 109.6mm. This calculation is an empirical formula, which is very accurate. Some sheet metal factories may have differences due to different equipment.

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                                                                            Now every customer's requirements for press brake tooling are diversified, each profiles bending could be required special tools, Customers usually provide the products drawings or specific requirements of the folded workpiece. suresh raina Yawei china manufacture can  design the corresponding upper and lower dies according to customers' needs. All kinds of sheet metal bending&forming tools are all available from suresh raina Yawei factory made in china.

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